nobody knows who I realy am
maybe I don't know myself
I'm coming from somewhere, walking around in nowhere
my clothes are black, my music is dark
I decided for the life, although it's full of pain
there was no choise to say no
I flee into the world of dreaming

my camera - she's my girl
always with me
she can make me happy
and if even it's only a moment

I'm feeling a little bit sad
that most of my pictures are leaved alone
in many pockets of paper
in a dusty corner
where nobody can give them a smile

I decided to build up this gallery
where you can see with my eyes

I would like to show you more
my poems, my short story
and the diary of my 100 day travel in india
but I can't translate it
my english is not good enough to do it well

I don't know who you are
or where you are coming from
but you found a way to here

be welcome

- Beauty -